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Did you figure out my #mentorcrush? It’s @EdSheeran! @EdSheeranUS @_NiallersPizza @LittleBirdsUSA #xthealbum  

Music is widely known as a source of inspiration and expression for both fans and the artist. This week’s #mentorcrush though takes his work to a whole other level and credits his success to charity. Like many of the successful people in my #mentorcrush series, Ed Sheeran is an individual who gives back—through his music and through awareness.

When interviewed about his first hit song, “The A-Team,” he spoke about how the song was inspired by his volunteer work with Crisis, a cause that helps single homeless people. He said:

“Anyone who’s in a privileged position should always give back and I happen to be in my privileged position through a song that I wrote, off the back of doing some work for Crisis, so I have to give back double I think. […] I wrote it after the experience at Crisis so I feel like I owe quite a big chunk of my career to that experience.”

He stands by his word too! Despite his tremendous success he is always doing what he can to give back. Within the last year, Ed Sheeran recorded a Bob Dylan cover for One Campaign, an AIDS advocacy organization. He also donated his whole wardrobe to three charity shops in his hometown. These shops help fund home hospice care.

Even more recently, Ed Sheeran held a gig where he donated all the proceeds to One25, a charity that helps women on the streets, many who are street sex workers, start new lives. His event raised £40,000 which will help the charity that offers new opportunities for women who are trapped because of their financial situation. When asked about his work, Ed Sheeran responded, saying, “It’s good to show insight that these people are real people with real emotions and they deserve the same charity work as anyone else.”  He also said he felt it was his responsibility to make a difference.

I personally resonate with Ed’s message as I believe too often we underestimate our individual impact. In the larger pursuit of global change, the actions of one individual may seem small in comparison. However this is what’s so great about the ripple effect of change; we never know how far our impact can reach. You cannot anticipate the potential of your giving. The donation of a dollar to a campaign may not seem like a lot, but often that dollar can help sponsor a child in a third-world country for a day to feed and shelter them. That hour you donate to mentor and help with tutor your friend in math may make the difference of them getting into school and pursuing their desired career. Every action counts.

Ed is truly empowering us with this message has he continues to humbling give back and share his own talents with the world to spark change. These are just some of the reasons Ed Sheeran makes a great #mentorcrush. What do you think? What do you admire about Ed Sheeran?

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