Amy Poehler

#mentorcrush REVEAL! This week is the hilarious & fun loving… #AmyPoehler!

There are so many reasons to love Amy Poehler. She’s funny, smart, talented, and  most importantly does what she LOVES!

I am a big advocate for embracing and following your passions and Amy is a perfect role model with this. Her work and success at its core is centered in embracing her comedic passions, sharing her voice and loving who she is.

Amy actually works to empower this message through her own foundation where she strives to promote self-acceptance and confidence among young women.

Her tumblr page, “Smart Girls at the Party,” focuses on female role models as well as positive media messages. She also uses her YouTube channel to interview many of these women. Like my #mentorcrush series, Amy’s goal is to provide us with useful and inspiring mentors.

The motto of Amy’s page says, “Change the World by Being Yourself.” This simple statement speaks volumes. I personally resonate with Amy’s messages as I often mentor my peers to embrace their uniqueness. Through my experience the things that make us different are often our greatest assets 😋

It’s not just the message behind Amy’s work that is inspiring, her career success is admirable. Amy is a successful female comedian, something that is not always easy in Hollywood. There are many pressures for celebrity women to look and act a certain way. Amy Poehler, while beautiful, is comfortable with being silly. Some of her best comedy requires her to challenge the pressures that often define the Hollywood celebrity’s life.

Amy really just wants us to embrace who we are and take advantage of the opportunities that come with that self-confidence. As she once said, “Try to keep your mind open to possibilities and your mouth closed on matters that you don’t know about. Limit your ‘always’ and your ‘nevers.’”

What do you love about Amy Poehler? Share with #mentorcrush how she inspires you.

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